Monday, May 28, 2012

Romeo, Romeo

Above is a preview of Wildfox's Fall Collection inspired by ROMEO & JULIET! Wildfox is the best at turning whimsical, romantic themes into highly lust-worthy fashion gold. Transforming something as seemingly highbrow as Marie Antoinette or Shakespeare into a line of kitschy, cheeky T-shirts is beyond genius, and the brand hits the mark time after time. I need to put some money aside to blow come July when I want a look reminiscent of the most famous star-crossed lovers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Foreva Foreva-eva Foreva-eva

I've been in such a shopping mood lately. I'm never not in a shopping mood, but in the past week my urge to buy has been heightened to the extreme. Everything I see looks like it belongs in my closet. I want floaty dresses, airy tops, comfy cute sandals, and accessories to match. It's summer all of a sudden, and I need to look like it. Generally, I try not to go on reckless shopping sprees, so I gave myself a limit of $50. I was thinking, Self...what are you gonna get for $50? That's a ridiculous limit. But I pulled up, because anywhere else I would get one thing for $50 and I wanted LOTS of things. I was immediately confronted with a close-up of pretty, pink haired Charlotte Free. I love when actual models model for fast fashion brands rather than what's-her-face who won ANTM 3 seasons ago. Annnyway, here's what I got to add to my summer wardrobe.

I needed this dress with a pretty wrap hem to layer with a denim shirt or light cardigan when I'm attending a music festival, or flitting through a field, or roasting s'mores over a bonfire. These are all scenarios I most likely will not encounter this summer, but I have to be prepared.

Even though F21's rings almost always turn my fingers green, I needed some new ones to enhance all the summery shades of nail polish I'm going to try. For $3.80, who cares about green fingers?

This classy little blouse has "me" written all over it. I picture it with printed shorts or skinnies, or tucked into a full skirt, with a messy topknot. Voila, easy outfits. 

I couldn't get over the chicness of this statement necklace at the unbelievable price of $8.80. I need more statement necklaces in my life, and more insanely cheap prices.

I had to get an essential knit cami to go under my essential tie collar top, of course. They were essentials. This was $2.80 and will go under anything and everything, so why not?

I'm always searching for a thin belt to cinch the waists of dresses, skinny jeans, etc. This one is fun and sort of nautical and will undoubtedly have 8230842095209 uses.

These are for when I feel like being that annoying hipster-y chick who wears glasses even though she has 20/20 vision. Sometimes I just wanna look like a cute nerd, okay?

I love black and gold together. These would be perfect paired with gold jewelry. Basic, versatile sandals are a must.

Finally, the cropped neon tee. I just assumed I would need a cropped neon tee for general summer activities/laziness. If you don't think you need a cropped neon tee for summer, you're lying to yourself and the rest of the world, so just stop.

In the end, I did go over my limit, but there was a method to my madness. I got free shipping for spending over $50 and a free subscription to Nylon for spending over $65. I spent $66. So for $16 more than I originally planned to spend, I got free shipping, free Nylon, AND more stuff. God, I'm becoming such a bargain shopper. Who am I?