Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretend Shopping at NastyGal

I'm broke currently, so I can't actually buy anything, but if I had loads of disposable cash, I would spend it all at NastyGal. The name sounds like a hoodrat's Twitter handle, but it was actually inspired by the Betty Davis album. The site stocks contemporary designers and vintage pieces from all over the world. The "What's New" section is updated very frequently, so I find myself constantly drooling over new outfit possibilities. These are outfits the boring girl would never dream of wearing, but the NastyGal is all over that. Here's what I would pick if I was not only beautiful and dirty, but also rich.

Sequin anything is always a hard YES YES YES for me. 

Because it's New York, and I heart it.

And This:
Look at it...that ruffled peplum, the leopard belt!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Classy Mr. Blasberg

If you haven't heard of Derek Blasberg, get to know him. He is the delightfully witty author of the New York Times bestselling Classy and Very Classy. You can rely on your mother for womanly advice on etiquette, fashion, etc., or you can crack one of Derek's books and read up. "What does a man know about being a lady?" you may ask, you skeptic you. This particular man has experienced every fashionable lady's dream of working at magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Plus he parties with It Girls (only the classiest, of course) and sits front row at fashion week. Mr. Blasberg knows quite a bit. I've read both of his books, both of which were easy reads because they're laugh riots and packed with quizzes and fun visuals. I feel more ladylike already!

Leigh Lezark posing at a Very Classy book party.
Image from Derek Blasberg's blog.
Also follow him on Twitter @derekblasberg.

La Vie Boheme

Every spring, as flowers bloom, sweet girly floral patterns pop up on dresses, tees, and skinny jeans. Why not toss the season's norm in favor of a cool bohemian look fit for the festivals? You can still be a flower child without the flowers. Free People has caught on to the trend and is the ultimate destination for hippie-inspired garb. Here are some of my favorites from the site. I couldn't fit all the good stuff. Check it out for yourself!

Suede Charade Short
Marisa Haskell San Pedro Turquoise Wrap
Jeffrey Campbell Romana Fest Sandal

Obsession-Worthy Eyeliner

Perfecting the liquid eyeliner cat eye is a permanent part of my morning routine. Some days, my foray into vintage makeup looks better than others. I either end up with cool 60's eyes, or an inky black mess. Luckily, I found a product that allows me to create a smooth line despite my unsteady hand. The eyeliner stylo by NARS works like a felt-tipped marker. It's precision perfect and dries so much quicker than typical liquid eyeliner. $27 seemed like a lot to drop on one product at Sephora, but the time it saves me getting ready was worth it. I definitely recommend this product. I chose classic black, but it also comes in teal blue and brown. Get it here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pin Happy

If you've yet to explore the wildly popular and addictive social media site Pinterest, get on that. While it sometimes distracts me from paying attention in class, and keeps me entertained for hours when I should be doing something more productive, Pinterest definitely has a positive effect as well. The fashion pins inspire me to put together outfits that I never would've on my own. The beauty and hair pins encourage me to try trendy makeup and intricate updos instead of just sticking to my normal routine, and with recipe pins I can pretend like I know how to cook. I've found that Pinterest can spark an interest in almost any subject. I very recently created my account. If you request an invite from the site, it seems to take a while to process. Asking a friend to invite you may be a quicker way to get pinning. While you're working on that, take a look at some of my favorite fashion pinners and get inspired!

eat.sleep.wear. -Located in Philadelphia, this style savvy pinner has a well-known personal style blog of the same name. Kimberly, the fashionista behind eat.sleep.wear., is also a graphic designer and self-proclaimed cupcake enthusiast. Her pinboards range from fashion and beauty, to graphic design, food, daydreams and inspiration. She's pretty popular on the site, boasting a whopping 474,387 followers.

refinery29 -I was ecstatic to see that one of my favorite sites for fashion news has latched on to the pinning craze. Refinery29 promises to discover the newest and best in style, shopping, and emerging trends from the runways to the streets. Their boards do just that, providing exclusive backstage pics from fashion week, new product reviews, and photos that were the result of serious shoe stalking. If you're looking for the latest in fashion, refinery29 is the place to find it.

Lauren Conrad -Everyone's favorite fashion success story has ditched her humble hometown of Laguna Beach and is pinning straight from Los Angeles. She keeps it simple, titling her pinboards with one word descriptions such as wear, primp, and dine. If you're planning to nab LC's signature beach babe style, joining her 34,982 Pinterest followers would be a perfect place to start.

Caitlin Bright  -Don't forget to follow me! I just started pinning, so my boards are not as extensive as most, but I'm getting there. Currently, I only have 3 followers, so I need all the help I can get.

Happy Pinning!

Wild at Heart

You might be a Wildfox girl if...
You've stayed up all night at a sleepover, then watched the sun rise.
You've overdosed on candy.
You've played dress-up and thrown fashion rules to the wind.

Wildfox Couture is everything fashion should be-- fun, feminine, and endlessly creative. The feather soft tees emblazoned with cheeky sayings and "hangover sweats" that comprise the vintage-inspired clothing brand have the power to recall giddy, girlish feelings previously reserved for only your closest girlfriends. Wildfox recently unveiled its Spring 2012 campaign video "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues," which evokes those feelings, as well as the sudden urge to buy the entire collection.

Wildfox Spring 2012 "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" from WILDFOX PR on Vimeo.