Monday, March 5, 2012

Classy Mr. Blasberg

If you haven't heard of Derek Blasberg, get to know him. He is the delightfully witty author of the New York Times bestselling Classy and Very Classy. You can rely on your mother for womanly advice on etiquette, fashion, etc., or you can crack one of Derek's books and read up. "What does a man know about being a lady?" you may ask, you skeptic you. This particular man has experienced every fashionable lady's dream of working at magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Plus he parties with It Girls (only the classiest, of course) and sits front row at fashion week. Mr. Blasberg knows quite a bit. I've read both of his books, both of which were easy reads because they're laugh riots and packed with quizzes and fun visuals. I feel more ladylike already!

Leigh Lezark posing at a Very Classy book party.
Image from Derek Blasberg's blog.
Also follow him on Twitter @derekblasberg.

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