Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretend Shopping at NastyGal

I'm broke currently, so I can't actually buy anything, but if I had loads of disposable cash, I would spend it all at NastyGal. The name sounds like a hoodrat's Twitter handle, but it was actually inspired by the Betty Davis album. The site stocks contemporary designers and vintage pieces from all over the world. The "What's New" section is updated very frequently, so I find myself constantly drooling over new outfit possibilities. These are outfits the boring girl would never dream of wearing, but the NastyGal is all over that. Here's what I would pick if I was not only beautiful and dirty, but also rich.

Sequin anything is always a hard YES YES YES for me. 

Because it's New York, and I heart it.

And This:
Look at it...that ruffled peplum, the leopard belt!

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