Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maxi Madness

Skirt hems, which have previously brushed our thighs, knees, calves, and everywhere in between have recently fallen toward the floor. Much to the delight of grunge goddesses and sister wives alike, maxi skirts and dresses have flowed and floated to the forefront of fashion. In most cases, their bohemian feel connotes a charmingly carefree look. While I'm all for being a free spirit and styling your maxi in a way that is comfortable for you, (JK fashion is pain.) there is one thing (JK there's an endless list of things.) that I absolutely refuse to condone. If you're nowhere near model height, which FYI is at least 5'8", you have no business slopping around in a maxi with FLAT SHOES. I get that we weren't all born with the genetic fortune of mile-long legs. And maybe you're a busy hippie love child with lots of important errands to run, like shopping at farmer's markets and discovering obscure bands and whatever, so you think sandals are a must. Think again, sista, cause it's not that hard to walk in wedges. Either suck it up and throw on some kicks that void your height challenged-ness, or have a blast dragging your hem through errant cigarette butts and garbage juice. I've seen this hideous scenario occur enough times that I deem it a serious problem. To combat the horror, I've put together some fab maxi/wedge combos that should provide an appropriate distance between your garment and puddles of unidentifiable street liquid. Should you choose to ignore my advice, and your precious maxi winds up looking like something dredged up from a homeless lady's shopping cart...I WARNED YOU.

Use these Polyvore sets as style inspiration. See all the details here.

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