Monday, April 16, 2012

The Inevitable Coachella Post

I didn't go to Coachella...GASP! Turns out I'm too busy with school and a job and too tragically broke to spend any amount of time frolicking about in a mullet skirt, crop top, and a crown of flowers. As fun as it would have been to crowd surf to bands I've never heard of and get snapped by fashion blog photogs, the pain of not attending the event that has taken over my Twitter feed for the past few days was not particularly crushing until I stumbled upon THIS PHOTO. This one broke my heart and made me wish with my whole soul that I was there. I just want a high five from Rih's claw nails and maybe to get nearly stabbed in the eye by her dangerous studded shorts! Is that so much to ask? Out of all the Coachella fashion slideshows I've mechanically scrolled through, this look has been my favorite. Maybe I'm biased, because Rihanna is my favorite. She just looks so cute and fun! Please can we be BFFs, Rih?

ASOS posted this on Facebook earlier today. There were other great style shots, in case you feel like doing some Coachella-related pouting yourself.

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